William Morris - Golden Lily

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Golden Lily was designed as a William Morris wallpaper in 1899, but like all things Morris, it is timeless, fresh, and as popular today as more than 125 years ago. The exuberant, colourful, complex pattern gives structure to the exquisite intertwining lily flowers, stems, tendrils and leaves in our cotton throw blanket.
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€ 159.00 
€ 159.00 
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Full Description

William Morris’s home in Kent, now managed by the UK’s National Trust, was described by his friend, the poet and artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti, as ‘more poem than house.’ For those of us who appreciate the pleasures of home, that description makes our heart sing.

William Morris trivia: 

  • Did you know that that during his lifetime [1834-1998], William Morris was as well-known as a poet as a designer? 
  • He was a keen gardener whose designs were based on close observation – interpreted rather than copied - of flowers, plants and wildlife found in English gardens, hedgerows and fields.
  • Golden Lily is not actually the work of Morris himself, but one of his most talented protégées, John Henry Dearle, who produced many other beautiful designs for Morris & Co.

Our Golden Lily throw blanket has the brilliant detail and vibrant colour that can be achieved only by jacquard weaving. Eight miles of cotton [70% recycled] and more than 4600 individual threads are woven into every Wright Now throw blanket. They are easy care – machine wash and tumble dry.

Details & Care

Eight miles of 100% cotton [70% recycled] and more than 4600individual threads are woven into every Loominations throw blanket. Our throws have the brilliant detail, vibrant colour, luxurious texture and exceptional durability that can be achieved only by jacquard weaving.

Our cotton is premium quality, colour fast, and pre-shrunk.

Measurement: 137 x 178 cm (54 x 70 inches)

Weight: 1.5 kg (2.5 lbs)

Care:  Machine wash in cold water and tumble dry oncool setting.