A Bit About Me & Loominations

I’m Jamie Monagan of Loominations Throw Blankets. In 2000, my husband, our three children and I moved to Cork from our native Connecticut for what was supposed to be a one-year adventure of living in Ireland.

We never left!  Cork is now our home.

For almost 30 years I have treasured a cotton throw blanket into which are woven landmarks from the New Jersey Shore, where I spent my childhood summers.  It’s been machine washed and tumble dried countless times and has held up incredibly well over the years. [We'll ignore the corner the dog chewed.]

A Light Bulb Moment

Back in 2015, I was sitting comfortably in our Cork home with my Jersey Shore blanket thrown over my lap when I had a ‘light bulb moment'. I thought, ‘Why does nothing like this exist in Ireland?’.

That was the beginning of Loominations Throw Blankets. It has been an entrepreneurial adventure ever since.

I hope that Papa – my Roscommon-born grandfather, William Donnelly – would be proud.

Unsurpassed Quality

The quality of Loominations throws is simply unsurpassed.

Eight miles 100% premium, colour-fast, preshrunk cotton is woven into every throw. Our throws are made by skilled craftspeople on a state-of-the-art, computer-driven jacquard loom.

The result is an exceptional textile that has the complexity, detail, vibrant colour, and durability that can only be achieved with jacquard weaving.

Why not hang your throw on a wall like a fine tapestry, adding warmth and colour to your room?

They are truly woven works of art.

Our original designs are available exclusively from Loominations.

No mill in Ireland has the highly-specialised jacquard loom required to achieve the incredible detail of our style of throw blankets. Loominations throws are woven in the USA under safe and ethical working conditions.

See our Celtic Tree of Life throw blanket being woven.

The Loom

The jacquard loom is considered to be the forerunner of computers.  It was invented in France in the early 1800s by Joseph-Marie Jacquard. His new machine used punch cards to determine the path of the threads and therefore the pattern of the fabric.  The punch cards used by early computers were based on the jacquard system.

Love & Care
Love your Loominations throw, and it will love you back for many years.

Unlike traditional Irish woollen blankets, ours can be machine washed and tumble dried [not too hot!].

In fact, our throws only become softer and more appealing with time.