Christmas Bouquet

€ 149.00 
When ‘tis the season, ‘tis the time to bring out our Christmas Bouquet throw blanket to add warmth and colour to your holiday home decor. Wrap yourself up in our festive florals of poinsettia, magnolia, pine cones and winter fruits while admiring your trimmed tree or cuddling by a roaring fire. The red, green and white striped border adds a contemporary touch to our classic design.
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€ 149.00 
€ 149.00 
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Have you ever wondered why the poinsettia plant, native to Central America, is a symbol of Christmas?  The tradition is inspired by a Mexican folktale about a little girl called Pepita who had no present for the baby Jesus to a Christmas Eve service. Her cousin tried to cheer her up by suggesting that even the smallest gift would be enough, so Pepita picked some weeds growing near the church. When she placed the arrangement on the altar, they were transformed into the bright red and white flowers we know today. For this reason, the poinsettia is known in Spanish speaking countries as ‘Flores de Noche Buena’ or ‘Flowers of the Holy Night’.

Our Christmas Bouquet throw blanket has the brilliant detail and vibrant colour that can be achieved only by jacquard weaving. Eight miles of cotton [70% recycled] and more than 4600 individual threads are woven into every throw blanket. They are easy care – machine wash and tumble dry.

Details & Care

Eight miles of 100% cotton [70% recycled] and more than 4600individual threads are woven into every Loominations throw blanket. Our throwshave the brilliant detail, vibrant colour, luxurious texture and exceptionaldurability that can be achieved only by jacquard weaving.

Our cotton is premium quality, colour fast, and pre-shrunk.

Measurement: 137 x 178 cm (54 x 70 inches)

Weight: 1.5 kg (2.5 lbs)

Care:  Machine wash in cold water and tumble dry oncool setting.